The power of Collaboration

Topaz One Ltd. and specifically, Ian Armstrong works with a number of businesses in a variety of ways.  Some relationships are formal others are more relaxed however the essence of them all is consistent.  Each party has a considerable experience in their field, they each trust the others’ opinion and judgement and they each have a positive outlook about finding solutions to challenges.  Combine the cultural fit to the context and wrap it around a commercial arrangement and you have a recipe for success.

Kinetics group

Where Experience is Everything. A group of companies that design and build experiences that change the way you feel.


Pioneering behavioural science and biometric technology to improve customer and employee experience


A Content Experience platform helping brands deliver more engaging, authentic and personalised content at scale.

minted content

Production of feature films, scripted and unscripted television series, story-driven projects with international appeal.

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Topaz One Ltd. is a marketing consultancy focused on delivering client solutions through a collaborative model of proven experts.


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